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Shel Francis Creative is a creative house of artful services to capture, enhance and preserve the most important moments of your life. It was born out of my passion to serve clients in a more holistic manner. Serving clients with a connected experience fuels the lifeblood of Shel Francis Creative and is at the core of my business’ intent.

After photographing people for 10 years, the drive to offer additional solutions that often exist in the same space as photography services became clear as a path I wanted to pursue in my offerings to clients. Identifying those additional services as floristry and stationary design were an obvious add because of the natural love and joy I experience in the creation of these arts. Photography is still the center of my gravity, and will always be, as will my love for providing authentic experiences and storytelling. It is in that love that Shel Francis Creative was built. 

Shel Francis Creative

Based in Northern Colorado, I like to describe myself as a free-spirit always in awe of the really cool world around us! On any given day, you can find me trying to keep up with my daughter, laughing way too loud and exercising my hip-hop knowledge with my husband. I use love as my compass and seek the good in all...while drinking way too much coffee. As a Colorado native, I’d rather be barefoot dipping my feet in the Poudre river, but when that can’t happen, exploring in my Red Wings usually does the trick. Nature excites me, the city inspires me and I strive to infuse love in all that I do! 

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Well Hello! I'm Shelby Perez

I have a 6 year old daughter who is the coolest
I love love love animals and have two labs, Ziggy and Zuri 
I've been given the nickname “Sherpa Shelby” and you'll
probably find out why
My husband and I got married on leap day, intentionally 
Concerts make me incredibly happy 

Five Random Facts About Me






The Shel Francis name was born as a tribute and as a creative persona. At the core of my being are my loved ones who inspire me deeply. My grandfather, Francis, was and still is a pillar of love and inspiration for me. After his passing, I wanted to pay tribute to him and use his name in one of the most passionate areas of my life - my photography. Each engagement and area of my life I aim to infuse with so much love in hopes that I can be a pillar for others just as people, such as my grandfather, have been for me. 

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